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Well, folks, it’s basically done.  I’m going to have to take a couple hours one afternoon to tie yarn on it, securing the three pieces together.  But for all intents and purposes, I’m crossing another one off the list…Item #1. And at five shirts wide by six shirts long, it more than covers my queen-sized bed.

It’s been a long journey, which many of you have seen the  many  parts  of.  But in case you’re new to MM, let me give you the one post summary.

First, many shirts were gathered and cut.

Next, laid out in order.

Sewing began.

And more sewing…

Some ironing (with some help!)

The quilt had its fair share of floor time.

But it was necessary to do tons of pinning.

There were sewing fails.

But upon winning, there was some inside out turning…

And then I was able to wrap up in it!

I am so happy to have all these memories in one place, and especially incorporated into something I made.  I learned a lot about sewing through this process, so I’m completely pumped to start some new projects this summer.  Happy quilting!

Love, MM

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