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11.15.09 032

Thanks to Tyler, I’ve finally not only learned to successfully cut my shirts, but they are all cut!  Next step will be buying the rest of the fabric (which probably needs to wait for December’s budget).  But look!  They’re all cut and arranged!

11.15.09 018

It is so crazy to look at all of these shirts and feel flooded with memories.  Each shirt evokes a smile and a memory of an outfit, a person, or just a great time with my sisters.

11.15.09 015

Some favorite outfits included: Tinkerbell for the “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” party, crimpy hair and tericloth for the “80Pi” party, and the ultimate mathlete athlete for “Athletes and Mathletes.”  And on top of all the crazy theme parties, I always loved our formals, dads and moms weekends, and bid days.  I can’t wait to wrap myself up in all of my amazing memories!!

11.15.09 030

I love my sisters :)

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