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I’m so glad that Kate challenged me and a few others to name our five favorite things right now. But man, this was tough! I love so many things that I see every day. So here are a few of my favorites today.

And how about I pass the challenge on? Katy, Christine, and Ashley, what are your five favorite things right now? How about you, Kaleigh?  And anyone else–what do you just LOVE?

1. Eclectic Shaped Wooden Pinboard from Pottery Barn, (on sale right now for $59.99).


2. Dresses from Anthropologie (if only they were less expensive). My two picks: Storm-of-Shapes and Bold Boutonniere.


3. Necklaces from RachelleD on Etsy ($27+). I love every single one, but this might be my favorite: Autumn Foliage Bliss


4. Inspiration Boards at Style Me Pretty. Particularly, this one:


5. Gorgeous cake pedestals from Rosanna.


Um, let me shout out a big old “YES PLEASE!!!!” to all of the items above.  How happy looking at them all make me feel!

Bonus number 6: I just have to include these great hair accessories from Banana!  Yum!


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