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I am fairly positive that a food hangover is far worse than any drinking hangover.  I think most people know what I am talking about–the feeling you have the day after you’ve undone your entire week of healthy eating.  And for me, that feeling always prevails after having our favorite nachos.  For those of you fortunate ones who know of the late-night menu nachos I am talking about, covered in a cream-cheesy “still” and cooked to deliciousness, you definitely know of the food hangover.

The most unfortunate part of eating so much, so late at night, is that you wake up swearing you won’t need to eat all day.  You’re still full, feeling gross and a little guilty, and feel like you can make up for it by counting last night’s schmorgusbourg as today’s entire caloric intake.  But this never works.  Somehow, you are hungry by 10:30 am (most likely because you streched your poor little tummy way past it’s usual size). I know I always manage to eat more the next day than I had initially.  You have to watch out for the day after…

And to those of you who enjoyed nachos last night…recover quickly.

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